Senator Grassley, urging the Senate to move quickly to approve Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, is only too aware that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against him, should it be allowed to occur, may breath new life into those opposing him as too weak on women’s’ issues.  It has also reminded women particularly of how too few men take seriously such abuses charged against men.

Remember those plucky Virginia women last November who so tired of men in political offices stripping them of all the programs that help women control their own lives — so much —  that  they decided to begin running for any political office themselves? 

Why should only men have control of their own bodies, have privileged access to affordable education, get more pay than women for the same position?  And men don’t need to be concerned about child care with all its expenses. 

This “I don’t think so” group of women have helped increase the number of “Me Too” women now running for political office all over America.  They hope to create new women leaders influencing center right and center left politicians to take the place of old or rigid white guys!

You may be increasing by the thousands, the number of “Me Too” women voting in November.  There’s more women than men!  And they plan to vote!

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