Why indeed does no one tell The Emperor he wears no clothes?  Those who readily agree with anything he says, orders or demands may reply,  “You never get punished for doing nothing!”

So it is with our leader who hears no complaints from his shrinking group of devoted followers who say nothing when he encourages Israel’s leader to prohibit two of our Congressional women, both Muslims, from entering his country.  Seemingly having no moral compass, he and his followers let hate speak for them.  Not seeing the power he has given these women, he sees such actions as a diversion – in this case, possibly against that former day’s disastrous stock market drop. 

We risk getting used to being ordered by such a leader and his handful of wealthy and powerful friends who run us and our country by tweets and his version of fake news.  The use of frequent repetition by our powerful person who sees himself as ‘the best leader in the world — in fact whoever was — who knows only the “winners,”  may occasionally say of a friend who suddenly finds himself challenged by the law and possible imprisonment, “I really didn’t know him very well — only a short time, really.”

But the Earth’s burning in Brazil is a threat to us all and should give our leader pause on his recent roll back on Methane, a major cause of ‘climate change’.  Let the Amazon rain forest be damned, he must think, as he lets it be shut down!

Not enough for our leader to ignore the needs of poor, blacks, kids, immigrants and now educators and scientists, — he seems even more determined to destroy farms, forests, parks, our oceans, Brazil forests, the atmosphere, research, education and a thriving future for younger generations.  And although he remains only interested in creating unlimited wealth for his favored wealthy few and his kids,  yet no one speaks up!

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