At last we have a President-elect! It seems approval has finally been given, or at least appears to be OK. Yet Trump is still counting missing tickets. He is quite sure there are more to be found in Minnesota which I find amusing. It is probably the bluest state in the nation—only going red once, if my memory serves me right.

Yet Trump insists that he has been cheated of victory. He who insists the coronavirus is just a form of flu and will just go away when it gets warm. So now it is his belief the election results are fake.

Since more than 15 lawsuits alleging voter fraud and other wrong-doing were dropped or dismissed by judges, etc., Trump seemed to know of his loss but then tweeted, “I concede NOTHING!

Biden had named a Beltway veteran Ron Klain as his chief of staff. Annoyed with Trump’s constant denials of reality, he called it “‘embarrassing for the country as he risks American lives by refusing to work with his team to plan coronavirus vaccine distribution. More people will die if we don’t coordinate,” he added.

The NYT wrote: ” Republicans must stop indulging Trump’s tantrum.”

Inauguration Day promises one of the “iciest transitions of power in U.S. history,’ said Scott Martelle in the Los Angeles Times. It’s hard to imagine Trump there in attendance. Maybe he’ll retreat to Mar-a-Lago to “lob tweets as we all continue without him.”

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