This was the Question asked by the “Me Too” Movement and those plucky Virginian women who saw their rights stripped, one by one, too often by the men who control both houses of our administration.  How can we be expected to control our own lives if birth control is denied our right to determine?  No such controls are placed on men’s reproductive organs.  Why should only men have control of their bodies, have privileged access to affordable education, get more pay than women for the same position?  Why would women want to vote for those who would limit their dreams?  their ambitions? 

Yet this is what would happen with the repeal of Roe vs. Wade.  Those of us old enough to remember what life was like for  young coeds in the ‘50s and ‘60s,  before this legislation became the rule of law, may well remember some painful situations.  At that time, help with unwanted pregnancies was too often offered by charlatans, expensive potions producing no results leaving young couples in dire situations when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.  Perhaps giving up the career one wanted — instead pressured into an undesired marriage or using a clothes hanger to puncture the uterus, thus legally receiving medical care. 

This appears to be of no concern to Brett Kavanaugh any more than his admitted drinking habits when engaged in judicial decision-making required of a Supreme Court Justice.  His loyalty must be to the country he serves — not just to a political party or our President.

Senator McCain’s spirit remains “desperately needed at a time when his party has embraced an amoral, narcissistic demagogue who flirts with isolationism and protectionism and white nationalism, (Washington Post columnist Max Boots)”. Let us hope McCain’s party will rise instead to the needs of all who call America  home, whether Republican or Democrat, male or female, white or black, DACA, illegal or asylum immigrant.

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