After firing one person after another holding cabinet and staff positions, then announcing their replacements, he tweeted that now he had the cabinet he wanted.  Since he was the only one deciding, one wondered what that meant.  A few more tweets let us know — he was through listening to others — taking their advice.  He doesn’t need a cabinet, he does best following ‘his gut’.  That always works for him because, “Only I know how to run this country!”  Now he will be the decisive man he was as the Campaign Trump.  And it will save us money — now no need to replace the many unfilled cabinet and staff positions.  He need only  listen to himself!  Yet I still had trouble sleeping that night.

Meanwhile in bucolic St. Paul on March 7, 5,000 students rallied at the state Capitol to advocate for stricter gun laws.  Thousands more walked out of school for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims on March 14.  And dozens are traveling to Washington, D.C., Saturday to participate in “March For Our Lives,” a national demonstration at the U.S. Capitol.  For many students it will be their first time participating in a protest.Tens of thousands of dollars has been raised by high school alumni, supportive parents and others to various GoFundMe to help the student get to Washington.  They want to show their support for all the victims in all the other shootings.   

Ironically, two days ago, a St. Paul Como Park Senior was charged with gun possession overheard by a teacher telling friends he planned to “bust another teen’s head off”.  The tip led police to pat the student down, finding a loaded, black handgun tucked in his waistband, loaded with ‘hollow point’ bullets which are known to have a higher degree of lethality.  The St. Paul  district reported 129 weapons incidents last school year.  This was news to me and I live here.

Twin Cities students and families will march to the state Capitol tomorrow as part of the national March For Our Lives demonstration to end gun violence.  It will start at Harriet Island in St. Paul at 9.30 a.m. and end at the capitol for a lineup of speakers including some student and parents from Stoneman Douglas High.  I plan to be there.  Marchers  who are eligible will also be given the chance to register to vote.

Oh, oh, Gotta go!  Now where did I put my ‘marching shoes!

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