The ‘natural entertainer’ need only rely on ‘his gut’.  No formal study is required.  Thus he harms no one — other than perhaps those who believe his humor is based on fact.  Notice how he struts onto the stage, with a huge smile going from ear to ear on his orange shaded round-shaped face.  His eyes twinkle with joy as he listens to the adulation of the crowd.

“See how I act,” he may say, having no need to speak truth.  “See how I can act like a President — no big deal,” as he moves woodenly from side to side, holding his arms and hands stiffly at his side.  The audience roars, giving him the mass adulation he needs as he says with a lop-sided grin, “How am I doing?  Do you want more?  Like this”?

He can tell lies fearlessly to this crowd who require being entertained.  Thus, if challenged by a reporter in the crowd on some simple fact like the number of people at a previous event, the entertainer need only point to the person yelling in a commanding voice, “Get that lyin’ person outa here with his ‘fake news’ – as the crowd yell, “Get him out!”

Since he seldom holds convictions for many announcements he makes — except maybe – ‘build the wall’ – he can quickly shift convictions – either denying he ever said it or blaming the idea on a former president.  “Works every time,’ he says or so it seems.

It also seems miraculous how this man plays the shifting blame game so openly and yet so flawlessly.  When will those elected to serve us and our Constitution begin demanding leaders follow truth and law — not letting those who yell ‘fake news’ or ‘witch hunt’ get by with such childish behavior.  

Leave entertainment for actors on Saturday Night Live!

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