How was I to know that Nov 11, 2017 was to usher in a surprising series of events headlining for the world to see. our country’s unequal treatment of women by men in the workplace and both houses of the White House at Washington D. C. The ‘old boy’ network exposed names of well-known men in politics and the media whose sexual misbehavior and lack of respect for what women endure in order to remain employed was now resulting in their bosses being fired! Readers and newscasters alike wondered, “Is ‘now’ finally a tipping point in equality? Will women now be listened to with respect? Would men cease pushing their tongues down the throats of females?”

In Virginia during their state elections, some plucky women were wondering why too many of their male representatives in state government seemed to be making rules that would have an adverse affect on women’s ability to be in charge of their own bodies and lives, get both a good education and proper child care assistance as well as equal pay with men? By them continuing such practices, these women seemed to be finally saying, “I don’t think so.” And so they began organizing and supporting one another in learning how to run for a political office – any office open. One such woman, pregnant with twins, continued her campaign, even when giving birth to twins early, thanks to her husband and many female supporters, helping her win a local position. It was their hope to become new leaders of center Right and center Left, coming together to take the place of today’s old white guys. Other women running in other states along with massive participation in women’s marches also seemed to be saying, “I don’t think so.”

Or will this become a mere chapter in the 2017 culture year where the list of offending culprits brought new concerns. Was it OK to still like their work or must they be forever silenced? Or will the expense of replacing them become just another expense of ‘doing business’ as the culture wars move away once again from feminist concerns to other issues. This, after all, is just one of at least ten other cultural battles that has ruled 2017. Much competition to remain relevant.

What do you think?

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