Although I wrote, ‘A Blog for Christmas’, I sent it only to out -of- town people on my Christmas Card List.  Most women might agree that December makes harsh demands on us.  The need to get the house decorated, the cards addressed and mailed, cupboards stocked with food and gifts, parties planned and attended, all leave us exhausted, tossing and turning in bed. 

On those few nights when the phone seldom rang – and I looked at my computer with an absolutely blank mind, I decided to substitute blogging with the quiet life style I imagined Emily Dickinson to have. 

My daughter, her husband and their family of two parrots and a huge standard poodle, sprawl out comfortably in their rustic cabin-style home hidden high in its woods, surrounded by hundreds of oak trees, deer and eagles flying overhead.  Their family includes two parrots, Rio and Corky, and Molly, a huge standard poodle who weighs over 100 pounds.  Molly demands attention and loves her family dearly – which includes her Grandma Shirl.  We each feel contentment.

When quietly back home, seated before the TV sipping an eggnog, I again enjoy the various lights blinking about the house, enjoying the antics of Murphy Brown as I read through more Christmas letters from faraway friends. 

Suddenly sitting alert, I realize  I am now ready to continue bringing ‘my take’ on what’s happening in the world of Trump.  It might be safe to say, he has not made our daily lives more full of hope and love of family and communities.

How sad to be so filled with hate for any who disagree with one’s hateful views of the world — even other white guys who dared to disagree.  How will he deal with Nancy as Speaker of the House, who will not be intimidated?  Let’s find out!

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