Meet Shirley White Pearl: The author of The Marginal Woman and The Occasional Man. 

Shirley in 1952 in Iowa City.

Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, Dr. Shirley White Pearl attended Coe College and the University of Iowa, where she received undergraduate degrees in psychology and journalism. She subsequently received a Ph. D. in educational psychology from the University of Iowa, where she developed educational curricula for  elementary students, giving them tools for dealing with life’s problems, thus serving as a possible prevention for developing maladjusted behaviors.

Dr. Pearl served as educational director of the childrens’ unit at Independence Mental Health Hospital in Independence, Iowa. She later worked with the St. Paul Public Schools to develop and administer programs for children with behavior problems.

Her first memoir, The Occasional Man, was published in 2012. She resides in St. Paul, Minnesota where she remains actively engaged in writing and life.     



the marginal woman, shirley white pearl
the occasional man, shirley white pearl

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